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About Us

PhysioRehab at Home motto is to keep seniors mobile, active and healthy. We believe in providing  high quality physiotherapy services to older people living in their own homes. PhysioRehab at Home is dedicated and passionate about providing expert assessment and customised treatment to our clients in order to maximise patients mobility and promote independence. So that patient continue  to live active and independent lives in the comfort of their home

We  offer comprehensive Mobile Physiotherapy services for  individuals living at home or living in   Independent Living Units (ILU), Retirement Villages (RV) and Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACF). We have extensive experience in geriatric physiotherapy and offer wide range of physiotherapy services.

We believe that you are never too old for exercises and physical fitness. Thus let us help you to keep fit, active and healthy.


Australian’s population is rapidly ageing. As life expectancy continues to improve, so does the risk of having chronic diseases. Ageing is progressive and leads to generalised impairment of functions. Although disability is not an inevitable part of the experience of ageing, it does become more common at older ages. Disability is sometimes directly related to age related deconditioning, dementia, paralysis, stroke, Parkinson disease, arthritis, diabetes, balance disorder and falls, depression, social isolation and anxiety are just to name the few.  One of the major concern in old age is loss of balance and falls. Falls often result in fractures or other serious injuries, with considerable cost to the individual and the health system.

Physical disability or limitation such as arthritis, pain and so forth, tend to limit the person’s ability to attend to simple household tasks, and consequently becomes dependent on other people for simple daily living activities. These activity limitations then leads to restriction on other crucial personal activities such as shopping, outing, and recreational activities. Most of the time, physical disability can lead to many other problems such as social isolation and dependence on others for quality of life.

Therefore it is crucial to stay physically, mentally and socially active in order to minimise the effects of the ageing process.   Good health not only helps older Australians to enjoy a good quality of life and to participate fully in the community, but also helps to reduce their demands for health and aged care services.

Physiotherapists are experts in assessing the chronic pain, physical limitation, mobility limitation, and physical ability to do daily living activities. They provide thorough assessment and implement clear and concise exercise program to improve the muscles and bone health. These exercise programs may include gentle exercise, strength training program, group exercises, Taichi, hydrotherapy, gym based exercises, strength and balance training. Physiotherapist also help to manage your chronic pain so that the patient continue to enjoy the life to its fullest, and remain active.